Glide High is an education company focused in the promotion and cooperation of international education projects. 
We are committed to promote foreign higher education institutions in China, conduct bilateral institutions projects, and find the right partnerships for western universities with their Chinese counterparts.
We assist students from undergraduate level, all the way to Masters and PhD programs  in Asia, Europa and America.
In our Shenzhen offices, we are home to UCM China-Spain School which is a joint collaboration to promote both UCM and Spanish language learning in China.

Our activities

Inter Universities Cooperations

We proactively assist western universities in developing their brand name and values in China, helping them establish fruitful relationships with Chinese universities.

Foundation Courses

Every year, we assist hundreds of students in improving their Spanish and English language skills in Spanish and English to hundreds of students, both presidentially and online, to prepare them for their new life studying abroad.

Study Outside of China

Our company helps more than 200 Students every year to study Grades, Masters, MBAs and PhDs in universities worldwide.